Check compatibility: What devices and/or operating systems does Aktiia work with?


Switch on your Aktiia cuff.


Switch ON your Aktiia cuff.

The LED should start blinking blue, indicating that the cuff is ready for pairing. 


If the LED does not switch on or if it is red, please charge the cuff. While charging, the LED will be blinking green, once charged steady green. Do not forget to switch on the cuff for charging.

Please unplug the cuff from the power supply to complete this step. The pairing will not work while in charging mode (green LED).


Bluetooth permissions


The mobile app will ask you to enable cellular data or WiFi and allow access to Bluetooth. 

In case you are using an Android device, you will be required to grant location access as well. This is an Android system requirement to enable a successful Bluetooth connection, Aktiia does not store or use your location information. ?

Note: for iOS it is not necessary to grant location access.

To learn more about this, please refer to our Privacy Policy



Start pairing


Press the “START PAIRING” button on your phone, keeping the cuff and your mobile phone close by. You should be set up in few seconds.

Pairing Troubleshooting:

Warning: do not attempt to connect your Aktiia devices from the BLE settings on your phone, otherwise the pairing will fail.

If the pairing failed despite you following the instructions above here are few additional things you can try: 

• Switch OFF the cuff;

• Wait 3 seconds, then switch the cuff ON again, making sure the BLUE light is blinking. If the blue led is steady, the cuff is already connected.

• Press the TRY AGAIN button and retry pairing; 

• Restart your phone if the problem persists.

If this does not solve the issue, please check if the AKTIIA device is visible in your smartphone Bluetooth Settings