A few reasons that Aktiia may differ from the values you see with a regular cuff:


First, your blood pressure is dynamic. It can change every time your heartbeats. Therefore blood pressure measured using different devices at even slightly different times can produce additional readings. Second, by measuring more frequent than a regular cuff, Aktiia provides a complete picture of your blood pressure pattern compared to a single point in time measurement.


Second,  a regular cuff can have significant error margins of ± ten mmHg depending upon the specific device, placement on the body, time of day and the conditions when measuring. 


Third, the act of inflating a regular cuff has been demonstrated to elevate a wearer's blood pressure. This is a phenomenon known as "whitecoat effect". Aktiia's optical measurement is automated and the user does not know or feel when readings occurs.   This can often lead to lower values using the Aktiia product because we minimize the whitecoat effect. 


While there may be minor differences between Aktiia and a regular cuff, you can have confidence that Aktiia has rigorously tested its technology in multiple clinical studies across a broad range of people.  We have the endorsement of leading hypertension experts and have been granted the CE Mark as a Class IIa medical device. 


You can find more about the clinical trials that supported the commercialization of Aktiia on our dedicated page here.