When you update your Aktiia app to the latest version (1.14), you'll notice the app looks and feels different. The all-new Home screen has been re-designed to make viewing and understanding your blood pressure easier. In addition, we've added more data, like the number of measurements taken in a given time period, and made it easier to view trends and patterns in your data.

What's New?

Improved Charting Experience

  • Cleaner and easier data visualization: thanks to our new and improved chartyou can more easily identify trends or changes in your blood pressure.

  • See more useful data: you can now view the total number of blood pressure measurements recorded by Aktiia for a given time period and compose that period's average value. In addition, you can now view the range of Systolic and Diastolic values for that given time period.

  • Improved date range navigation: The new date range displays default to showing the last seven or thirty days, so you always have recent data to look at and can visualize any recent trends. Navigating backward in time continues to work with calendar periods.

New Activity Bar

The new activity bar makes it easier to visualize your daytime and nighttime blood pressure and when you took your medication.


Re-designed Home Screen


Improvements & Fixes

  • Easier and more intuitive syncing: Expect faster sync times and a clearer status of when a sync has been completed. More sync improvements are on the way.

  • Easier to use medication tracking: Increased button size and re-organization make medication tracking easier. You can also more easily see when you took your medication on the activity bar.

  • Resolved iOS sign-out issue: We addressed an issue that would force specific models of iPhones to sign out.

  • Squashed many small bugs: These include fixing typos, improving language for clarity, ensuring some images aren't cut off on small devices, and preventing app crashes on specific Android devices.