Please remove your bracelet and wait a few days until the skin is repaired before wearing it again. Please do not wear your bracelet when doing sports or during intense physical activity and clean it regularly to avoid this kind of issue. If the symptoms persist, please consult your physician.

In order to create a record of your adverse event we would need more information. Would you be so kind to help us by answering the questions below and send them to us in an email to

- Serial number and batch number of the bracelet. (Kindly send us an image of the white label on the bracelet box or of the sensor (close to the sensor).

- Could you describe further your symptoms and adverse experience?

- The date the event occurred.

- How long did you wear the bracelet before the problem occurred?

- How often do you clean the device?

- Are you often wearing the device while exercising?

- Do you use any cream/disinfectant on your wrist skin?

- Could you send us a picture of the affected part of your skin and a picture of the bracelet?

- Did you visit a healthcare professional? If yes, were you prescribed any medical treatment? If yes, which one.

Thank you very much for your collaboration!