Please check our guide on how to pair the Aktiia bracelet here: Pairing your Aktiia Bracelet

If the pairing failed despite you following the instructions above here are a few additional things you can try:

If there is no light on the charging station when the bracelet is on:

  1. If it is the first time you use the device, make sure you removed the plastic protection under the bracelet. It is not always visible at first glance.
  2. Check if the position of the bracelet in the charging station is correct. You should hear a small “click” as the Bracelet is magnetically locked on the charger. If you feel a force repulsing the bracelet, try rotating it by 180.
  3. Check if the charger has power by checking the USB is correctly powered in, try to change USB port, try to connect to a PC, and try connecting directly to a socket.
  4. Try to press the bracelet against the charger with the thumb.
    - If the led lights up when pressing against the charger, there might be a misconnection.
    Please clean the charging station pins with moistened tissue with alcohol and try again.
    - If there is no light on the charger even when pressing your thumb against the bracelet, contact us at Support : Aktiia  and send us a picture of the sensor.

If the charging station is glowing red or steady red:

  1. Please check that your Aktiia bracelet is not already connected with any other Aktiia App you may have installed on another device(phone, tablet). If the bracelet is connected to one device it will not be able to connect to the second one.
  2. Check that your phone's Bluetooth is 4.2 or higher, you can find this information in the specifications of your phone.
  3. Make sure your phone is less than 1m away from the Aktiia bracelet
  4. Check if the Aktiia bracelet is visible in the Bluetooth settings section of your phone:
    - If yes, please delete the device from the BLE settings, restart your phone and try again by removing and replacing the bracelet on the charging station.
    - If it is not present on the BLE settings, please contact Aktiia support.

If the charger is red but blinking fast:

  1. Remove the Bracelet from the charger, wait 3 seconds, then place the bracelet back on the charger, making sure the red light at the bottom of the charger is not blinking anymore but glowing. This operation might require several attempts.
  2. If still blinking fast, press down the pod against the charger.
  3. If still blinking fast, try connecting the charging station directly to the power socket.
  4. If still blinking fast, take off the bracelet from the charger and try again a couple of hours later.
  5. If the problem still persists please contact us at Support : Aktiia and enclose 2 pictures of the sensor (one, where we can read the serial number and one from the side of the sensor.)

Finally, if the issue persists, please check if the Aktiia device is visible in your smartphone Bluetooth Settings and contact our customer support here: Support : Aktiia 

Please note that the Aktiia device is meant for personal use only and should not be shared.